Filed Under: Food & Wine, Holidays, Podcast, Recipes. These cookies are absolutely delicious and are not very difficult to make! In Tuscany this cake is known as panforte, and in Siena panpepato because freshly ground black pepper is added to the ingredients.Here in the Lazio region where Rome is located this cake is known as pangiallo. Struffoli are delicious deep-fried dough balls coated with honey. The name torrone means “big tower,” and it probably originates from the Medieval use to build large castle-shaped sweets with honey and almonds. All rights reserved. Panettone is the traditional Christmas cake of Milan and has become the most common Christmas cake in Italy. Ranging from fruitcakes and fried sweets with centuries of history to 20th-century creations, here are some Italian Christmas highlights enjoyed from South to North. It begins with a starter. When you taste them your mouth is full of a comfy and delicious dark chocolate truffle flavor. See more ideas about desserts, food, italian christmas. Traditional Italian Christmas Desserts including struffoli, buccelato - fig cake, rainbow cookies, pandoro, panettone, Italian cookies and more. Read about Naples and its great food here. Not only does this dessert look absolutely beautiful, but it also tastes amazing too. 8 Classic Italian Christmas desserts Piedmont – Torrone d’Alba Torrone is Italy’s version of nougat, a mixture of honey, sugar and almonds that was already popular in Roman times. It's the sweetest time of year! 5. Pandoro Christmas Tree Cake with Amaretto and Mascarpone Whipped Cream . Panforte is a classic of Christmas tables; this traditional Tuscan dessert is a feather in the Italian gastronomic heritage cap. Cucidati, Sicilian Fig Cookies. Rosette Christmas Cookies. This delicious fritter is usually stuffed with a custard or pastry cream and it’s typically served on March 19, the feast of Saint Joseph. What about the rest of Italy? Thirty years ago Melissa’s mother-in-law shared this recipe with her and it’s a nugget-like cookie made with honey, sesame seeds, almonds, cinnamon and orange zest. Pignoli are delicious pine nut cookies commonly eaten during Christmastime. Both of these holiday cakes are a typical gift exchanged with friends and family, and usually beautifully packaged, each one more beautiful than the next. Happy baking everyone! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Although these cookies are full of flavor and look like they take long to make, they are actually simple to make! Michele Di Pietro and I shared our Italian heritage Christmas cookie recipes and holiday desserts, plus a few other recipes we love. Best Italian Christmas Desserts Recipes from 8 Classic Italian Christmas Dessert Recipes.Source Image: this site for details: Tangy, savory cranberry meatballs are constantly a favored at Christmas dinner and also the recipe can conveniently scaled up for holiday events. Zeppole can be enjoyed all year round, but with there being so many varieties of the recipe, you can change things up and add some of your favorite Christmassy flavours. They are not easy to make and require about two days’ time but they are worth it! At Christmas, sweet foods are the masters, appearing on Italian tables and immediately filling all diners with festivity. Almost every single town and region throughout Italy has fabulous holiday recipes and many of these have been adapted by Italian Americans and Italian immigrants worldwide. Panettone is a quintessential Italian Christmas treat laced with fruit, citrus and cognac. Many Italians grew up eating Mostaccioli cookies around Christmastime! Nougat is an Italian invention, symbol of celebrations, especially on certain convivial occasions.Apicius also talks about it in “De re coquinaria”, and Tito Livio and Marziale also write about it.Just the great Latin poet, localizes the ancient nougat, in the Sannio area, still very famous for the production of cupedia.. Michele says you can also now find zeppole, a larger and equally delicious deep-fried sweet dough ball. Classic Italian Christmas cookies and holiday desserts, by region (alphabetically): Abruzzo – Parrozzo Basilicata – Calzoncelli Calabria – Petrali Campania – Struffoli Napoletani Emilia-Romagna – Certosino di Bologna Friuli Venezia Giulia – Potiza, Focaccia Natalizia Lazio – Pangiallo Liguria – Spongata di Sarzana Christmas Recipes prepared by our Nonne - our Grandmas! Traditional Italian Christmas food isn’t very dessert heavy, but naturally, there are many sumptuous desserts to choose from. I loved the idea and I’ve adapted the recipe still further to include sweet dried cranberries which makes it a wonderful dessert to serve over the holidays! They are served in many Italian homes during Christmastime! Pizzelle. The final course is a dessert … Pignoli. From traditional treats like crunchy biscotti to an unexpected take on tiramisu, there are countless options to start baking up today – including a few new Italian ideas for your holiday cookie exchange. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. © 2020 Hardcore Italians. Nothing says Christmas quite like sweet anise cookies! Let’s be real. For decades I've pursued my passion for Italian food and culture through bespoke food tours, hands-on cooking classes, travel tips, walking tours, day trips and weeklong food holidays at charming spots throughout Italy. The lightly sweet, dried fruit-studded dessert keeps well much like fruit cake, making it a popular gift.When you make your own panettone, you can flavor it however you like with your choice of fruit, chocolate chips, nuts, and more. Michele‘s grandmother made a version of zeppole stuffed with anchovies! It is usually shaped into a pyramid/tree or a wreath. Mini Italian Pannetone Cakes If you didn’t know better you would think you are tasting a chocolate truffle, but these truffles are made from ground Oreo cookies and cream cheese! With so many different flavours to choose from, panettone makes for the perfect holiday treat and an even better gift! Panettone is a kind of Christmas cake, a sweet … Originally published December 16, 2016. Cappuccino Biscotti. This collection of authentic Italian Christmas Eve and Christmas Day recipes will help you to plan a holiday just like Nonna. Let us know in the comment section! Italian Christmas Tree Cake with Lemon Curd and Limoncello. They aren’t only sweet and delicious, they are also super easy and quick to make as well. Via Stazzo Quadro, 15b - 00060 Roma (Riano). Then the first course follows which is often pasta or a soup. Christmas Dessert Idea: Italian Turdilli Recipe | –Katie Parla Treat your family to these magical Christmas confections, from a decadent chocolate yule log to sweet sugarplum candies.Not only are these must-make desserts delicious, but many of these recipes are great for holiday gifting, too! There are also other Christmas sweets that can make you happy, linked to the Italian regions and their customs. The traditional desserts of a Christmas in Italy are: panforte – a type of dry cake made of honey, spices, candied fruit and almonds, which is typical for the Tuscan city of Siena; torrone – Italian nougat made with almonds (also called mandorlato), hazelnuts or even peanuts, which can be either very hard or soft. It derives from the ‘pan de oro’ created in Verona in the 19 th century to celebrate the first Christmas under the Scala dynasty, and was first patented with the name Pandoro in 1894 by Domenico Melegatti, founder of … I plan to serve it New Year’s Eve. Along with panettone, Pandoro is the most popular Christmas sweet in Italy. Let us help you get into the holiday spirit with our list of top 10 Italian holiday desserts! Pignoli are delicious pine nut cookies commonly eaten during Christmastime. In the Genoa area the most popular holiday cookie is anicini, flavored with anise.Chocolate chip cookies are always a favorite during the holidays. Here you will find some of the most traditional Italian Christmas desserts that our Nonne... our Grandmothers have preserved for many generations. Italian Christmas food - the desserts. Also known as “fig cookies” cuccidati cookies are a very popular Christmas time treat and tradition. Here are the ones she made this year: Abruzzo – ParrozzoBasilicata – CalzoncelliCalabria – PetraliCampania – Struffoli NapoletaniEmilia-Romagna – Certosino di BolognaFriuli Venezia Giulia – Potiza, Focaccia NataliziaLazio – PangialloLiguria – Spongata di SarzanaMarche – Cavallucci di ApiroMolise – Pepatelli di NatalePiemonte – TorronePuglia – CartellateSardegna – Pane di MostoSicilia – Crispeddì di MessinaToscana – Panforte di SienaTrentino Alto Adige – Kipperl all Vaniglia AltoatesiniUmbria – Pinoccata Bianca e NeraValle d’Aosta – Lou MécoulenBiscotti are traditional at Christmas time and I like to add dried cranberries for a festive and tasty variation. The traditional Italian Christmas cake is popular not just in Italy, but worldwide. Nov 11, 2012 - Traditional Italian Christmas Desserts including struffoli, buccelato - fig cake, rainbow cookies, pandoro, panettone, Italian cookies and more. Torrone. Take a look at this flashback to last year’s 2019 Christmas in Rome. This buttery, Italian bread really is the star of Christmas desserts. "Everyone interprets the ‘rules’ of Christmas dinner in their own way. In Florence, an exceptional panettone is to be had at Pasticceria Giorgio, which specializes in classic panettone and those with chocolate or walnuts. Anthony Masterson / Getty. Let’s end with a quick mention of pastry shops in other Italian cities. Christmas wouldn’t be done right without all of those traditional (and amazing) Italian sweets. These make for the perfect sweet treat after a huge Christmas dinner or lunch. Another of her favorite cookie are snowball cookies loaded with nuts and butter, and sometimes known as Mexican wedding cookies.She also made Czechoslovakian Christmas cookies with her mom: a cookie with a lemon and ricotta batter and layers of jam, usually apricot. She recently shared a wonderful family Christmas cookie recipe, giurgiulena. The second course can be meat- or fish-based, but more often there are more than one second courses. It’s Letitia‘s take on panettone and an amazing dessert to serve over the holidays. 4. This year why not make it yourself instead of serving the store bought stuff? Tina Prestia ( from Bologna often travels around Italy sampling all kinds of delicious foods. Italian Cenci Cookies. The first course is either broth or pasta followed by a second course generally based on meat or fish, followed by dessert,” Giovani Ballarini, anthropologist, president of the Academy of Italian Cuisine, told Italian … Italian Christmas desserts. While we may not have the time to whip up some panettone from scratch, there are plenty of Italian desserts for the holidays that won’t require a full day’s worth of effort! It contains all the sweet and citrusy flavors of Christmas! Learn how your comment data is processed. Usually there’s a small amount of flour – about 15% – and then all the ingredients are chopped and combined together to form a flat round or rectangular loaf, similar to the flat loaf for biscotti. Torrone is a staple after dinner dessert in many Italian homes around the holidays. Celebrate Christmas like the Calabrese and make some delicious and sweet chinulille this holiday season. Get authentic Italian desserts in the comfort of your home with these cake recipes, biscotti recipes and more. It’s not Christmas in Italy without the famous pandoro and panettone desserts, but in Abruzzo, the real stars of Christmas are the sfogliatelle, caggionetti and bocconotti.All three of them are filled with grape jam and coated with powdered sugar. Puff Cookies . Is it on our list? The holidays are a time for tradition and for many home cooks, that includes certain classic desserts. We got you covered with our list of 10 traditional Italian holiday desserts that you gotta try! Giving a panettone or a pandoro is an Italian custom that does not seem to have problems with being exported abroad, but it's not the only one. The quintessential Italian Christmas cake, Panettone is eaten during Christmas and New Year not just in the homeland, but all over the world. PANETTONE. They’re rolled into walnut-sized balls and drizzled with melted dark chocolate: positively luscious! One of the most delightful breakfast treats imaginable is panettone French toast. The dome-shaped sweet bread fruit loaf contains that special mix of raisins, candied orange, citron and lemon zest. Chocolate chips are not always available everywhere in Italy so instead I make a peanut butter thumbprint cookie and put a gianduia chocolate in the center. I make a small commission on purchases made through links on my website. Find this Italian Christmas dessert recipe right this way. These are perfect for holiday parties and make a great sweet gift. Almost every town in every region in Italy has its own variation on a rich and delicious holiday treat filled with nuts and dried fruit. Anise Biscotti. Dec 9, 2020 - Explore Tracy Roberts's board "Italian Christmas Desserts", followed by 169 people on Pinterest. Many families usually have favorite Italian Christmas cookies and Christmas desserts that they enjoy during holidays. In Italian culture, Christmas is a huge deal, and the desserts definitely reflect that! Traditionally from Calabria, Susumelle make for the perfect holiday treat. They reflect the availability of local ingredients plus the input of acquired new cultural baking recipes. Read about Naples and its great food here, I make a peanut butter thumbprint cookie and put a gianduia chocolate, Cristina Bowerman, Michelin Star Chef Glass Hosteria – Episodes 42 & 43, Pork Sausage and Lentils (Cotechino e Lenticchie), Rimessa Roscioli and the Wine Club – Podcast Episode 41, Traditional Italian Christmas Cookies and Holiday Desserts – Podcast Episode 40, Holiday Gift Guide for the Chef & Passionate Home Cook – Podcast Episode 39. Learn how your comment data is processed. A few years back one of my sisters gave me a recipe for chocolate truffles. These are baked in a brownie pan and then cut into squares, and they freeze beautifully.Struffoli (honey-dipped, deep-fried sweet dough balls), a holiday treat originally from Naples, were not part of Michele’s holiday baking tradition although nowadays she says you find them quite frequently in the greater New York area. These delicious cookies have all the flavors of Christmas packed in them. Here’s the recipe for Cranberry Hazelnut Biscotti. The best and most authentic Italian Christmas Dessert Recipes to help you celebrate Christmas Italian style. She recently tasted a variation on the traditional tiramisù recipe made with biscotti. Fig and Pistachio Biscotti. What is your favorite holiday dessert? Prices are identical for you, but purchasing through my links helps support my work to bring you great recipes, podcast episodes, culinary and travel information. Italian Christmas Recipes prepared by Italian Grandmas to help you celebrate Christmas Italian Style. on 10 Traditional Italian Holiday Desserts You Need to Try (Recipes Included), How Cake Boss Buddy Valastro Saved the Iconic Carlo’s Bakery – Video , This Italian Cheese Factory Makes Wine-Soaked Cheese , We are giving away a free Italian Horn Keychain. My mother brought this special family recipe from Europe a century ago. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 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